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Constitution of Centurion Empty Constitution of Centurion

Post by Mr Chuckles on Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:28 pm

The Constitution of Centurion

]Honor Before Glory - Death Before Dishonor

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Article One: Application & Resignation

Any nation that would like to be apart of Centurion must first fill out an application. This application will be reviewed and approved or disapproved by either the President, Vice President or the Director of Internal Affairs. By submitting an application the applicant agrees that he/she has reviewed and is in agreement with this charter. An applicant may not have any current active wars at the time of application to be considered.

If any nation wishes to leave Centurion, then they shall fill out a resignation form, so that it may be reviewed and said person removed from the member list.

Article Two: Membership

Any nation that has been approved through the membership application process will be considered from then on a member of Centurion. All members of Centurion will you the affiliation Centurion and none other. No member shall be in the affiliation Centurion without having gone through the application process and have been approved. Any member that is will be removed immediately.

All members of Centurion will be given ten days following the acceptance of their application to switch to the Black Team Color unless given an exception by the President.

There are multiple ranks of members, they are as follows:
Plebeian-A member of the Centurion society
Patrician-A nation of at least 30 days seniority in the alliance and has applied and been accepted for promotion.

To be promoted a Plebian must be of at least 30 days of seniority in the alliance and have shown activity and interest towards the well being of the alliance. Applications will only be approved by The Imperator or the Chief Magistrate. Patricians, once approved, shall be on the Patrician council and have the opportunity to work for one of the divisions.

Article Three: Government Body

The governing body of Centurion will consist of an Imperator, chief Magistrate, Magistrate of Defense, Magistrate of Internal Affairs, Magistrate of Foreign Affairs, Magistrate of Education, and the Patrician council. The Imperator and Chief Magistrate have the power to appoint or remove any magistrate or patrician from their respective position at any time. Each division shall be headed up by its respective magistrate, and said magistrate shall have the power to govern over their respective department and all patrician assigned to it.

Section One: The Imperator

The Imperator is the head ruler of this alliance, and oversees all alliance affairs, foreign or domestic. The Imperator has all power not listed in this document. The Imperator along with the chief Magistrate have the power to appoint magistrates for every division, and in the absence of the Imperator, the Chief Magistrate shall assume command. The Imperator stays in command until either he/she resigns, is no longer a part of Planet Bob, or is elected out by a 2/3 vote of the Patrician Council. Should the Imperator resign the chief Magistrate will take command till the Patrician Council holds elections, in which the Chief Magistrate may enter.

Section Two: Chief Magistrate

The Chief Magistrate is the second in command to the alliance. The Chief Magistrate is responsible for assisting the Imperator in commanding and leading Centurion. If the Imperator resigns, it is the duty of the chief Magistrate to take command of the alliance until a new one is elected. chief Magistrate serves until resignation or the Patrician Council votes him/her out. The chief Magistrate is appointed by the Imperator. If the chief Magistrate resigns then it is the sole duty of the Imperator to appoint a new chief Magistrate.

Section Three: The Magistrates

Each magistrate shall be appoint by the Imperator and shall serve a period of 3 months. The magistrates will handle the day to day decisions of the alliance. The Imperator and Chief Magistrate will always have final say ina any decision. Each magistrate will have command of their division and all decisions dealing with it.

Magistrate of Defense

The Magistrate of Defense (MoD) shall be in charge of the wellbeing and defense of the alliance from foreign and domestic issues. The MoD is expected to establish and maintain a military structure that gives Centurion a strong and active military. The MoD does not have the power or authority to declare a war on another alliance without the approval of the Imperator.The MoD may create any organizations or ranks within his division that he sees fit to fulfill his duty.

Magistrate of Internal Affairs

The Magistrate of Internal Affairs (MoIA) shall be charged with running Centurion's internal affairs. The MoIA's duties consist of reviewing, approving, and masking applicant nations. It is also the duty of the MoIA to keep all nations in the alliance informed of external affairs. The MoIA shall be in charge of moderating the IRC channel and also work to establish and maintain Centurion's tech market and trade circles. The MoIA and MoE will work in conjunction to recruit new nations to this alliance.

Magistrate of Foreign Affairs

The Magistrate of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) shall be in charge of establishing and maintaining our relations with other alliances. The MoFA shall establish a foreign affairs group that will be charged with creating and maintaining embassies for the good of the alliance. The MoFA shall have the authority to create and fill positions under their division, The MoFA shall no approve or rebuke any treaties with another alliance without the Imperator's approval.

Magistrate of Education

The Magistrate of Education (MoE) shall be in charge of the Academy of Centurion and all Patricians in their division. The MoE shall grant graduated status to those who have passed the Academy and has the right to not grant the status to anyone who has not passed. The MoE shall work with the MoIA to recruit and fill the ranks of Centurion with new members.

Article Four: The Patrician Council

The Patrician Council shall consist of all members that have achieved Patrician status. The Council shall vote on all petitions brought before it by at least two members of Centurion. Any member that wishes to have something voted on shall submit the petition with the signature of at least one other member of the alliance.

Anything that is voted on and approved will go into affect immediately after the vote unless otherwise stated in the petition. The Imperator has the right to veto any petition passed. The Council can veto the Imperator's veto by 2/3 vote. All petitions exempting alterations to this document will be decided by majority vote. In the event of a tie the Chief Magistrate shall vote one way or the other and the result shall be final unless otherwise vetoed. There must be at least 5 members that have reached Patrician status for the Council to be in session.

Article Five: Elections

Elections for the positions of Magistrates exempting the Chief Magistrate shall be held every 3 months. They shall be held in the final 2 weeks of the running term. To be put into the election that member nation must be a Patrician and have the backing of at least 3 other members of the alliance. Any magistrate that holds power during the elections will be able to run as many times as they want as long as they have the backing of at least 3 members (Plebian or Patrician). No nominee, Magistrate or Patrician shall run for more than one position during one election.

The Chief Magistrate shall be in charge and run the elections. The week before elections start a thread will be open for all nominees to sign in on. If a nominee is not signed in by midnight on the Saturday before election week, then they will not be in the running. The first week will be debates. The last at midnight CN server time on the Wednesday of election week the polls will open, and at midnight CN server time on Saturday the polls will close and that will conclude election week.

Winners of the election will be posted the following day and the winners will have the week to learn about their new duties and positions. The following Saturday night, all winners shall take office and current Magistrates shall step down.

Article Six: Wars

Any treaty that we have struck that requires Centurion to go to the aid of another alliance must be honored in the case that the treaty is activated. The support of any other alliance due to an optional defense pact must be approved by two of the three following officers: The Imperator, Chief Magistrate, and the Magistrate of Defense. Any aggressive strike or declaration of war must pass the approval of The Imperator, Magistrate of Defense and 2/3 of the Patrician Council.

No member of Centurion may declare war on another nation or alliance without prior approval first. No member of Centurion shall surrender without the prior approval of the Imperator, CM, or MoD. Any nation that does may be subject to punishment.

Article Seven: Raiding

Raiding is not allowed under any circumstance in Centurion.

Article Eight: Amendments

Any amendments to this charter must be passed by 2/3 vote of the Patrician council and the Imperator. The council may veto the Imperator's decline by 2/3 vote after the statement of why the Imperator declined.
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